I Started Learning Ruby On Rails Today

Day One of… Forever?

I’m going to learn how to code in Ruby on Rails a little bit each day. I’ll share my experience along the way to hold myself accountable. Come along with me!

Rails Day One:

  • brew upgrade ruby-install and brew upgrade chruby (they’d been installed on my laptop in the past. If I was starting from scratch I’d need to brew install them and not just upgrade them)
  • Installed the latest version of Ruby: ruby-install ruby 2.5.1
  • gem install bundler and gem install rails
  • rails new mofo-on-rails
  • cd mofo-on-rails
  • bundle (I wouldn’t really have to do this because rails new does this automatically. But in the future, if I update the Gemfile, I’d do a bundle install to change the Gemfile.lock)

Things that occurred to me and that I learned (I came from javaScript land):

  • gem install is similar to npm install -g (install it globally)
  • bundle install is like npm install
  • A Gemfile is like a package.json but more human readable.
  • We use chruby to change context between versions and implementations of Ruby.
  • My computer was too full to update Xcode (Xcode was required for the ruby-install) so I had to remove a bunch of stuff (Planet Earth Season 2, Insecure, etc.) and then uninstall Xcode and reinstall it. So, it just… takes a long time to do things sometimes. And I practiced patience. Yay.

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