Learning Ruby On Rails: Day 8

I have this tiny “Hello world” app.

It has one page.

Now I will give it another page.

Each page will correspond with a separate view. For this new page I will use a new action method (goodbye) which will be in the same controller I’ve been working with(say_controller.rb).

New action method. Same controller. Here we go.

I add html to goodbye.html.erb so that it will show “Goodbye”. That’s fine but I’d really like to add links between both pages, too.

For links I will use a helper method!

link_to() creates a hyperlink to an action.

So in my hello.html.erb I add a link to the goodbye view. The code looks like this:

On line 7, "Goodbye" is the text of the hyperlink. say_goodbye_path is the precomputed value that Rails makes available to application views. It evaluates to say/goodbye path.

And the page looks like this:

Now I will add a link from the “Goodbye” page to the “Hello” page.

It looks like this:

Also most importantly TIL that if I type cowsay meow into my terminal I will get an emoticon cow saying “meow”. It looks like this:

And I had to run brew install cowsay in order to have this ability. I regret nothing.

Next post, here.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of some code, asking it to love her.

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